War Babies is a collection of 18 tracks from The Sheep, an early ’70s Milwaukee band associated with the “Jesus Movement.” Co-ed vocals, guitar drenched in feedback and folk music influences bring favorable comparisons to Jefferson Airpl... Read more

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Willis Barnstone, poet and Indiana University comparative literature professor, has been on a mission to shine new light on the sacred writings of Jews and Christians. The latest chapter in his often-intriguing project recovers the poetry a... Read more


and ,Dining Out Read more

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There’s an indelible quality to Kevin Brockmeier’swriting that has earned View From the Seventh Layer, ,Authors' Voices (Online Exclusive) Read more


Evan Christian's commitment to mastering the flamenco guitar is so great that he mov The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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This column by Jayson Stark amasses a large number of strange, but true facts from this past baseball season. Some of the feats are truly remarkable.Worth the read. Read more

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December 13, 2007 Witha bit of help from some old friends (including Brian Eno and Comicopera ,CD Reviews Read more

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Also opening tonight is the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s production of playwright Joa King Corn ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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