Church Basement Ladies

Written only less than ten years ago, Drew Jansen, Jim Stowell and Jessica Zuehlke’s stage musical Church Basement Ladies is kind of an odd mid-twentieth century comic fugue. Set in 1965, the show feels a lot more like a radio sitcom from the ‘4.. Read more


 Based on the popular book Growing Up Lutheran, the musical Church Basement Ladies has a built-in appeal to those of a certain sect of Christianity. The comedy of a group of women who prepare meals in a church basement also has a very down-to-ea.. Read more


Executive Producer Curt Wollan was impressed enough by Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson’s book Growing-Up Lutheran that he decided to develop a musical about it. The resulting stage show Church Basement Ladies was such a success that Wollan.. Read more


Grunge was for all purposes dead by the time The Offspring released 1998’s Americana, but the band adapted well, commenting on the newfound prevalence of rap culture in the suburbs on their jocular hit “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy,Today in ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

So often the ground on whichwe tread holds a story of significance. The unrelenting passage of timeand the steady drive of development can cover the evidence of an eragone by, and knowledge of that hi,Arts & Entertainment Read more

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