Erik Ljung

Solo albums can be frustrating. With no one else around to reel back a frontman's excesses, these efforts often lack self-restraint and delve headfirst through an artist's personal eclecticism. These dubious records ultimately Read more

Concert Reviews

When reports emerged that a Summerfest side stage would be converted into a micro-amphitheater to host one-off musical performances throughout the summer, the concept didn't seem daring so much as obvious. For a city so smitten with the... Read more

Concert Reviews

My Morning Jacket's overblown 2008 album Evil Urges wasn't remotely selective about its experimentation—Jim James and company just put a whole bunch of plastic products in the microwave and trusted the listener to enjoy whatever odd smells, shapes.. Read more

On Music

A.A. Bondy’s aching folk songs conjured a younger, more romantic version of Bob Dylan and Hank Williams on Bondy’s 2007 solo debut for Fat Possum records, American Hearts, a far cry from the spiky indie-rock of his initial band, Verbena,Tod... Read more

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