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Just weeks after opening, Harbor View Plaza is making a splash as a public park. Located along Milwaukee’s inner harbor, it offers views of the urban skyline and Port of Milwaukee. Read more

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The forum’s “Municipal Datatool,” released in July, is an online database offering a trove of information on everything from municipal spending and debt to income, population and property taxes. Read more

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Next year’s convention offers an opportunity to focus on improving, and perhaps expanding, Milwaukee’s public realm. Read more

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Milwaukee needs to explore new ways to pay for the city’s continued growth. Read more

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Milwaukee leaders and the area BID are working to make Granville thrive once again. Read more

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The recent decision by the Democratic National Committee to hold the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee confirms what Milwaukeeans already know: We live in a great city. Read more

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Driving around the city’s north side, we picked three larger than usual potholes and reported them to the city for service all within five minutes of each other Friday morning. Read more

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The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works has extended winter parking regulations until March 15 due to this year’s “harsh winter weather” conditions. Read more

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If successes similar to the Menomonee Valley project are realized in the Harbor District and 30th Street Industrial Corridor, Milwaukee could see more environmental, economic and community improvement through public and private investment. Read more

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The increasing popularity in the Milwaukee area of urban wood for building material is a homegrown success story. Read more

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Rick Meyers, the City of Milwaukee’s sanitation services manager, fielded many questions from people on a recent Doors Open Milwaukee tour about recycling guidelines. Here are some of them. Read more

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Besides protecting the environment by saving energy, slowing climate change and reducing pollution, recycling saves money. Read more

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A Milwaukee County Circuit Court hearing between the City of Milwaukee and electric scooter share company Bird Rides Inc. has been delayed and moved to federal court. Read more

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It’s as American as apple pie to elect a bright, new generation of self-proclaimed democratic socialists. They’re fighting to preserve the American ideal of sharing the economic benefits of democracy with everyone, not just the wealthy. Read more

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Small urban parks, sometimes the size of one or two housing lots, often serve diverse community needs, including as play spaces. These “pocket parks” or “vest-pocket parks” as they are colloquially termed are becoming more popular. Read more

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On June 16, there will be a “Community Cleanup and Cookin’ Up Arthaus” event that begins with a neighborhood cleanup, followed by a program outside the Arthaus featuring live music and poetry and a barbecue. Read more

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“Can the county afford a park system as extensive as it is today?” asks Wisconsin Policy Forum’s president Rob Henken. “Can Milwaukee County government continue its current level of support for things like the zoo, museum and the Marcus Center?” Read more

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Milwaukee continues to push itself to become a hub for young entrepreneurs and budding business professionals. While the effort is gaining momentum, the end result is anything but guaranteed. Read more

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Milwaukeeans are hardly the only ones enthusiastic about their own city. Young creatives have made civic pride all the rage all over the country. Read more

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The new head of the East Side BID, Kristin Godfrey, discusses her vision for the neighborhood. Read more

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