Born of a Dire Straits song, named for a Robert Cray song, and obviously inspired by guit Roll Away ,Today in Milwaukee more

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I disagree with Michael Schumacher’s review of Eric Clapton’s autobiography (& BeadStyle ,Letters more

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That`s what we found in our fourth sex and romance survey, which generated a record number God Grew Tired of Us ,Cover Story more

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As winter begins to rear its blustery head, let's take a look back at a handful of this fall's major indie-rock albums and see how they stand up against conventional wisdom with our reoccurring feature, Overrated/Underrated: The Good Life – .. more

Nov 9, 2007 5:00 AM On Music

And the difference between a sample and an interpolationNo Beatles song has ever legally been sampled, so it was huge news when Wu-Tang Clan's RZAwho is apparently friends with George Harrison's son, Dhaniclaimed to have used his connection to .. more

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