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Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

“Our mission is to improve the environment cost-effectively, but it’s getting harder to do that with the changing climate that we’re currently facing,” MMSD Executive Director Kevin Shafer says. Read more

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Photo Credit: Michael Kienitz

Arts @ Large hosts dozens of photographs of Iceland’s endangered landscapes by award-winning photojournalist Michael Kienitz, opening Friday, Oct. 18. Read more

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Task Force


The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors approved a new task-force that will focus on climate change and creating jobs Thursday. Read more

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Photo illustration: Dave Zylstra

A 2018 national climate change assessment notes that, in the Great Lakes region, lake surface temperatures are increasing, ice cover is declining and seasonal stratification of temperatures in the lakes is occurring earlier in the year. What can be d Read more

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Fifty impressive color-coded maps delineate everything from the population of venomous animals to linguistic diversity and the human fertility rate. Read more


The sequel to Al Gore’s Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, shows the growing danger of climate change. It also spends too much time on Gore. Read more

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“We are in this bizarre political state in which most of the Republican Party still thinks it has to pretend that climate change is not real,” said Jonathan F.P. Rose. Read more

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Since the election, I have received more than 60 phone calls and a few hundred emails from wonderful and patriotic individuals who are simply devastated by the election of Donald Trump. Many of these people who contacted me wanted the Sheph... Read more

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Rhea Suh of the Natural Resources Defense Council promises future generations will inherit a world without the dangers of global climate change in this excerpt from Letters to the Future. Read more

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Pope Francis and President Barack Obama are addressing climate change in serious ways, yet Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker continues to deny that it’s a problem, according to members of the grassroots group Organizing for Action (OFA) on its da... Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker’s recent proposal to gut the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that not only is he a rabid right-winger, he’s living in denial. Read more

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The documentary Merchants of Doubt surveys the history of fraudulent corporate science, starting with tobacco and “fire-retardant” fabric laced with toxins and ineffective against flames, but the main topic is global climate change. Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel have promised to sue the EPA over proposed carbon regulations on coal plants. But Ann Sayers of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters argues that the proposed rules aren’... Read more

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Scott Walker’s appointees on the Wisconsin Public Service Commission are punishing users of solar energy and are considering implementing a $50 fee for purchases of hybrid or electric cars. Read more

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Research compiled by EarthTalk shows that climate change may threaten the nutritional content of food. Read more

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Last week, just after Gov. Scott Walker won re-election on a tax cut platform, Walker and Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb announced they need $750 million in new taxes and fees to pay for the highway Read more

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Comic books have long been deployed for educational and political purposes, and the bulkier format of the graphic novel has followed suit. With Climate Change, French human rights activist Philippe Squarzoni produced something better descri... Read more


Two months before my Colorado community was overwhelmed this week by epic rains, our state's chief oil and gas regulator, Matt Lepore, berated citizens concerned about the ecological impact of hydraulic fracturing and unbridled drilling. Du... Read more

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Is there a link between the recent spread of mosquito-borne diseases around the world and environmental pollution? Read more

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