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The horseman at the heart of The Good, TheBad and The Ugly (1966) says little but casts a long shadow on the face of therocky desert. Sometimes the only sounds are absent-minded humming and thejangling of spurs—until a rifle s.. more

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Director-actor Clint Eastwood is best remembered for tough guy roles, but some of his best films echoed his love of jazz. more

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The plot of War for the Planet of the Apes is wobbly and succumbs to melodrama but the special effects and acting are good. more

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Sofia Coppola directs a captivatingly suspenseful film—a remake of 1971’s The Beguiled—with an eye toward Southern Gothic. more

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Tothe public he was a hero but the “experts” began to second-guess hissplit-second decision. Starring Tom Hanks as the pilot who saved his passengersand crew when he brought a crippled airliner down on the Hudson River, S.. more

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Director Clint Eastwood looks at the psychological toll of war with American Sniper. Set in Iraq during the U.S. occupation, the protagonist is real Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), a marksman credited with 160 kills. Eastwood’s film ... more

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A Broadway musical based on a string of hits by a singing group popular with Baby Boomers is a bankable idea. But who would have wagered that a production driven by the hits of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons would win four Tonys and lau... more

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Current film descriptions. more

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 ClintEastwood was still a whippersnapper when he debuted on “Rawhide” as RowdyYates. But, especially when the going got tough on the trail and he furrowedthose iron brows, the outline of the persona he revealed a few years later i.. more

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My first memory of J. Edgar Hoover comes from early childhood in the 1960s... more

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Tired of giving your mother flowers and chocolate every year? Or perhaps more accurately, is your mother tired of getting flowers and chocolate every year? Why not break out of the box and find something a little more lasting and tailored to her .. more

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You'd never guess the film RED is adapted from a three-issue comic book published in 2003 and 2004, by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, even though a gaudy floral postcard introduces Miami, Washington DC, and Mobile Alabama. The slight story ... more

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Like video games, rap and rock ’n’ roll, comic books were once the object of moral panic and scrutiny from congressional committees and public watchdogs. The genuinely concerned and the professional busybodies weren’t worried about &ldqu more

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The tsunami that rushes through a Third World resort in the opening sequence of Hereafter is one of the best uses of CGI ever. Vividly real (and all the more impressive on a big screen), the cascading ocean wave is enough to make you duck your h.. more

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A barely perceptible silhouette crawls forward on the trail, a slight shadow on the face of the rocky desert. The silhouette is a horseman at the onset of For A Few Dollars More and the only sounds are the absent-minded humming and jangling of th.. more

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Milwaukee native Elvis Thao, an actor in Clint Eastwood’s recent film Gran Tori Gran Torino ,Off the Cuff more

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They’re singin’ the blues over at The Skylight—fortunately, it’s all onstage. In fact, given these economic times and the downtrodden songs they’re singing, the four-member cast of the musical revue Blues in the Night is pret more

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The Drive-By Truckers show scheduled tonight at the Turner Hall Ballroom has been postponed because of band member Patterson Hood’s recent bout with pneumonia.,Today in Milwaukee more

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