It can be pretty tough to beat a weekend on the water, so for this distraction take a break and enjoy a quiet evening spent along Milwaukee's humble lakefront. Read more

Happening Now

In this distraction, take a little time to enjoy a Milwaukee sunset, snow shower and sunrise. This video was submitted by filmmaker and editor Gregg Monteith.  Milwaukee Timelapse from Gregg Monteith on Vimeo. Read more

Happening Now

The Milwaukee Admirals’ 7 p.m. game against the Texas Stars tonight at the Bradley Center features a couple of odd promotions. Christopher Knight, the actor who played Peter Brady, will be there with his wife Adrianne Curry, the first Read more

Today in Milwaukee

We happened to be in Washington, D.C., during the historic passage of health care reform, an achievement that visionary Democratic and Republican presidents had sought for three-quarters of a century.That same day, we walked from the White ... Read more

Taking Liberties 6 Comments

Sixteen year old Juno is smarter than most of the people around her. She knows it and in her prickly sarcasm, her eye-rolling "You're such a dope" tone, she lets everyone know it, too. In director Jason Reitman's Juno, the namesake protagonist (E.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

and ,Film clips Read more

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