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We meet them in the opening scene, Dina (Juliette Binoche) and Jack (CliveOwen)—two people in separate lives. As revealed through cross cutting, she ispainter and he is a writer, she walks with a cane and he pours vodka into histhermos. Dina an.. more

I Hate Hollywood

More interesting than the zombies are the human survivors. In the third Living Dead movie by George Romero—the man most responsible for the space occupied in our imagination by zombies—mad science clashes with military madness, and fatalism... more

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Young bohemian artist Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) hesitates over moving in with her boyfriend of two years, the alt rock singer Kevin (Geoffrey Arend). And her unease turns to mortification when Kevin proposes marriage to her during more

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Viognier is a notoriously tough grape to grow. One theory about the name of the grape is that because of low yields and susceptibility to mildew, "Viognier" is actually a modification of the Latin "via Gehennae"—which means &quot more