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Placed on the 15-day DL retroactive to Sunday, an MRI revealed thatBush has a micro-tear in his right triceps. The tear is a result ofgetting struck by a Hanley Ramirez line drive at the beginning of June.Thisis Bush’s first trip to the DL and .. more

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<a href="">Report: Rumor of Favre Signing with Vikings</a>By Nick IannelliWTMJ-TV and JSOnline.comupdated 1 hour, 11 minutes agoBrett Favre has already signed with the Vikings and the team is waiting for the rig.. more

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It’s easy for me to joke about hating musicals, but I see so many of them that it’s difficult not to understand the appeal in most of them on some level. While I don’t share much of the country’s obsession with the American musical, I make ever.. more

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Just a few years ago it was headline news when a major artist would stream their new albums on MySpace. Now it's almost as much a requirement as releasing radio singles. The subject line of the e-mail I received today from MySpace's crack PR team .. more

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Old home movies reveal a crowded main street with stores, bars, a post office and a bank. Residents recall Centralia, PA, as a friendly town of unlocked doors, a community bound together by old-fashioned neighborliness. And then in 1962 the fire .. more

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   Saturday night's Mondo Lucha Variety Show transformed the Turner Hall Ballroom into a B-movie flick, a wild carnival ride that featured luchador wrestling, sideshow acts and burlesque, all t,Concert Reviews more

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   Despite two decades and nine albums to his credit, Mikael Åkerfeldt, the comp Powerplay ,Concert Reviews more

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   It's been a while since anything in the world of hardcore punk surprised me, but I was genuinely taken aback by the lyrics on Herds' recently released 7-inch EP. With an almost haiku-like si,Local Music more

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  Nicolas Chapel, a one-Frenchman band, lands somewhere between the progressive rock Building An Empire ,CD Reviews more

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  Incendiary slide-master Sonny Landreth cut his teeth and forged his way among John Same Old ,CD Reviews more

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  "Essential" has become an overused word, like many words in our language. Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul ,CD Reviews more

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Making their second major appearance in Milwaukee this year, veteran rockers Queensrÿche a Tell The World: The Very Vest of Ratt ,Today in Milwaukee more

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