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Barton Fink Mosquitos and blank white pages torment the writer Barton Fink. He was a rising, socially conscious playwright, the hottest toast on Broadway, but in a Faustian bargain, he’s under,Home Movies / Out On Digital Read more

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The Dude is coming back to Milwaukee as we get ready foranother Lewbowski Fest. The 2 day festival will be held at Cathedral Square downtownon Friday, August 21st and will continue at JB's on 41 Bowling Center on Saturday the 22nd.Friday’s Mo.. Read more

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Folksinger Llewyn Davis leans into the dim spotlight shining down onto the stage, playing guitar with homespun eloquence, eyes closed as he sings a ballad that was old before he was born. Llewyn (Oscar Isaac), a modestly popular performer i... Read more

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  Muchhas been made of the connection between the Coen Brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis and Dave Van Ronk’sautobiography, The Mayor of MacDougalStreet . To set things straight: the fictitious folksinger at the heart of.. Read more

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 The Coen Brothers’ forthcoming film set in theearly ‘60s Greenwich Village folk scene, InsideLlewyn Davis , is loosely drawn from the autobiography of one of that scene’sleading lights. Dave Van Ronk’s The Mayorof MacDou.. Read more

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Not everyone fell in love with The Big Lebowski the first time they saw it. That includes Will Russell, co-creator of Lebowski Fest, the traveling annual festival celebrating the Dude in all his Dudeness. He admits to “feeling almost indiff... Read more

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The Big Lebowski came and went without ringing much change at box offices during its theatrical release... Read more

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<p>The set-up for <em>Blood Simple</em>, the Coen Brothers\' 1984 debut, is classic film noir as an unhappy married woman draws her husband\'s employee into adultery. Can murder be far behind? But while there are only hints of the loving irony wit.. Read more

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The Big Lebowski is the funniest film the Coen Brothers ever produced, wrote and directed. It stars Jeff Bridges as “the Dude,” whose real name is Lebowski, which draws him into an underworld swirling around the kidnapping of the trophy wife o.. Read more

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If her narrative is reliable, Mattie Ross must have been a precocious 14-year-old even before her father was shot dead by his hired hand, Tom Chaney. A pigtailed girl on the Western frontier, Mattie is as firm as an oak staff and drives har... Read more

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Live hip-hop bands tend to fall back on bland, anonymous grooves, as the actual music takes a backseat to the raps, but Milwaukee’s Fresh Cut Collective escapes this trap, giving the six players who back rapper Adebisi plenty to do. Read more

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On any sunny day on the beaches of Santa Cruz, Calif., a crowd might gather to hear a true world music hybrid, SambaDá. Formed by Brazilian immigrants and their Yankee neighbors, the band distills the easygoing lilt of bossa nova into a roc... Read more

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By many standards, the artist (Daniel Auteuil) is successful, an acclaimed painter in Paris and man of many mistresses; by those same lights, the gardener (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) leads a narrowly circumscribed small-town life. When the art... Read more

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The best estimate of the annual death toll among Americans of working age due to lack of i 2009 ,News Features Read more

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Last year’s Pabst Blue Ribbon block-party celebration outside of Burnhearts in Bay View was a small but pleasant affair, a day of music and cheap PBR capped by a performance from the Detroit Cobras. This year’s follow-up event promises to b... Read more

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Party season is here. Whether you're planning a graduation, cocktail party, wedding or backyard BBQ, invitations and cards make many of us conflicted. Should we send e-mail or snail mail? Simply stated, electronic methods save money, ti.. Read more

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Now that's what we're talking about: Summerfest has announced Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson as the latest Marcus Amphitheater headliners; the two will split a July 1 bill that, with any luck, will find time for plenty of duets and collaborations. Ti.. Read more

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%uFFFD%uFFFD After winning Oscars with the unrelentingly grim No Country For Old Men, the No Country For Old Men ,Film Read more

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Sometimes the Coen brothers outdo even themselves, as with last year’s No Country Fo No Country For Old Men ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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