Coffee Makes You Black

Here are some of Milwaukee's smaller, lesser-known neighborhood coffee shops that excel at crafting delicious coffee drinks and nurturing unique community spaces. more

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“Coffee Makes You Black and Other Letterpressed Aphorisms: Amos Kennedy @ MIAD,” part of the latter’s Creativity Series, takes place starting Nov. 11 and focuses on the works of provocative letterpress artist and bookmaker Amos Kennedy. more

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Theversatile Jon Pierre Gee & Ahvant Soul return Oct. 3 to the wittily-namedCoffee Makes You Black, 2803 N. Teutonia Ave., for an evening of jazz atthe restaurant/reading room/coffee house's weekly fish fry. The fried filetsprovide enough of a.. more

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If Bradley Thurman’s objective in naming his eatery Coffee Makes You Black was to elicit a chuckle from patrons, mission accomplished. It’s a hoot of a name. But jokes, however amusing they may be (how would coffee make anyone black?), don’... more

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Wisconsinites tend to have long-term relationships with their elected officials... more

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The springtime bloom ushers in the season of the honeybee, the buzzing black-and-yellow bug that dances from flower to flower, gathering nectar to make honey for the hive. While honey is a source of energy for the bee colony, human beings h... more

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