“Cold brew as a product category has seen an amazing rise in the past five years, and now we are starting to see the category itself evolve and become more innovative.” more

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Fair trade advocates often cite coffee as the consumable that kicked off mainstream awareness of the fair trade movement. more

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Turkish coffee is actually not a type of coffee, but a method of bringing very finely ground Arabica beans to a boil (or near-boil, depending on who you talk to) with sugar. more

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Let’s take a journey beyond the cup and see how coffee is grown, harvested and processed. more

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Ristretto translates to "restrained" in Italian, and refers to the fact that the amount of coffee in a ristretto shot is less than the amount in a normal shot, but is made with the same amount of beans. more

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Judging by the abundance of coffee houses in Milwaukee today, it seems that we have fared well in keeping up with the rest of the country’s third wave of coffee. more

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With Wisconsin’s short but oh-so-sweet summer season comes lots of al fresco drinking and dining. Here are a couple of basic iced coffee drink recipes to get started. more

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An overview of the types of coffee grinds, and how they are best used. more

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Single source coffee provides drinkers with a deeper connection to what they're consuming, and is more socially-responsible. more

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"Put very simply, a great latte embodies the harmonic synergy between the craft of well steamed milk and properly pulled shots of espresso.” more

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Here’s an overview of some of the most popular coffee brewing techniques in use today. more

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We talk to TJ Sizemore, founder of The Milwaukee Coffee Festival, about the mission of the festival, Milwaukee's thriving coffee scene, and the art behind making a perfect cup of coffee. more

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Susie Brkich and Joey Carioti of Cranky Al's talk about being a part a revitalized Wauwatosa community, the importance of family and their visit from a celebrity chef. more


The opening of Kickapoo Coffee's sleek new Third Ward location marks their emergence into the Milwaukee market. more

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Fans of strong coffee and melted cheese rejoice! Fuel Café,a Milwaukee staple that opened on Center Street in 1993, recently announced a Walker’sPoint Fuel Café location to open in early summer 2016.The original owners of Fuel, Scott Jo.. more

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Milwaukee’s Anodyne Coffee recently announcedtheir financial support of Radio Lifeline, a Wisconsin-based non-profit thatprovides farmers access to information and tools in some of the most challengedcoffee growing regions in the world thr.. more

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We list some of our favorite one-location Milwaukee coffee shops. more

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Photo by Maggie Vaughn

Pleasant Kafe (1600 N. Jackson St.) is an appealing coffee, wine and espresso bar that brings a welcome feeling of European café life to this historic Italian East Side neighborhood. more

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