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Sofia Coppola directs a captivatingly suspenseful film—a remake of 1971’s The Beguiled—with an eye toward Southern Gothic. more

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Baby Driver is an action flick that features a young savant of a car driver known as Baby (Ansel Elgort) who is hired by an ambitious crime boss (Kevin Spacey) to pilot the getaway car for Doc’s heists. more

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The Lobster is an interesting film—to a point. But its mordantly humorous first half is largely undermined by writer-director Yorgos Lanthimos’ urge to accumulate bizarre digressions and loss of focus in the second half. more

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Toronto Film Festival

Here are some excellent titles chosen by our film critic, recently available for home viewing:Miss Julie The heat is rising on Midsummer’s Eve, 1890, on an Irish country estate as the lovely,Home Movies / Out On Digital more

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We’vebeen anticipating this one. IshDARR turned our heads last year with a handfulof knock-out tracks that showcased the lyrical side of the then-17-year-oldMilwaukee rapper. There was nothing subtle about them: Those early tracksplayed like a.. more

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A pair of New Yorkers unites for the purpose of seeking revenge. Colin Farrell appears as Victor, infiltrating a crime empire in order to get close to kingpin Alphonse (Terrence Howard), responsible for destroying Victor's more

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Where to go, where to go, on St. Drinking's Day… Patrick's Day? We definitely want to sham-rock it, as the holiday is up there with Halloween, New Year's and Mardi Gras as one of the top party days of the year. And so it goes in Milw more

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Lately, Colin Farrell has been a welcome presence in such small-scale, unHollywood films as In Bruges and Ondine. In Triage, he plays a photojournalist who throws caution aside, hurling himself into battle for a good picture as if forgetting tha.. more

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In a beautifully somber scene along the Irish coast, where choppy gray waves reflect the gray massing clouds, a rusty trawler bobs along under the stark hills bordering the shore. A lonely fisherman mans the wheel and minds the nets, attend... more

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The romance of being a bad-to-the-bone rambling man had long since faded into a drab routine for the ’70s-era outlaw country singer called Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges). When we first meet him in CrazyHeart, Blake is 57 and broke; he drinks whiskey l.. more

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DanceCircus’ latest program, “Mud, Sweat and Tears: Voices from the Field,” pays homage to the planet not only through the movement of dance but also through poetry, live Brazilian music, capoeira and, in one piece, Aldo Leopold’s more

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One of the most prolific and prosperous artists of the twentieth century, surrealist paint Original Lithographs by Marc Chagall ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The nighttime football game at the start of Pride and Glory, a contest between aggressive amateurs on a frozen gridiron, sets the wintry tone and suggests the theme. Teams are everything, embracing the families of players lining the stands shou.. more

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Ray (ColinFarrell) casts a wary eye on the picture-book surroundings of theBe In Bruges ,Film more

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