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Director Sam Mendes returns with a Golden Globe-winning World War I story inspired by his grandfather’s service. Read more

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Mama Mia! Here We Go Again, the sequel to the blockbuster Mama Mia! The Movie, lacks the bright panache of original, partly because it lacks Meryl Streep in the starring role. Read more

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Humorously highlighting British and American cultural differences, Kingsman: The Golden Circle simultaneously skewers James Bond, Matrix and Fast and Furious flicks while its eccentric characters bring it home. Read more

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Seventeen years later, no one’s learned from the past when a handful of young people go searching the woods for a legendary evil witch. Sprinkled with humor during its first half, Blair Witch’s final act is hardcore horror. In Bridget Jone... Read more

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Colin Firth stars in a failed attempt to adapt Mark Millar’s graphic novel Kingsman. Read more

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Her bloodshot eyes open to an unfamiliar scene—the same one she experiences every morning. Christine (Nicole Kidman) awakens in a blur and moves aside the hand of an unknown man draped across her chest. She stumbles for the bathroom as conf... Read more

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Adapted from the 2011 bestseller by British author S. J. Watson, this thriller introduces Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman), a 40-year-old woman unable to retain new memories once she goes to bed each night. Awakening daily to a home she does... Read more

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With his latest European-set piece, Magic in the Moonlight, Woody Allen pulls off a remarkable feat by folding an essay on metaphysics into a glamorously entertaining package. Magic in the Moonlight evokes a bygone era, staging the 1920s a... Read more

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Eric Lomax (Colin Firth) is a tweedy Englishman obsessed with railroad timetables. He strikes up an unlikely romance on a train with Patti (Nicole Kidman); after their marriage, the shadow of his World War II experiences Read more

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Celebrating its 37th year this Sunday, the Locust Street Festival offers more music, arts, food and culture per square inch than any other annual Milwaukee festival, and this year's lineup is typically crowded. As usual, the event will kick off wi.. Read more

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<p> It's visible for barely a blink: the date on a memo reads 1973, the time frame for <em>Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy</em>an era when the Cold War was still accepted along with death and taxes as an inescapable characteristic of life on Earth. J.. Read more

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I began to realize I might be wrong in some of my Oscar predictions during the past week when every man and woman I spoke to, ages 50 and up, told me The King's Speech was the best picture of 2010. And despite all the media blather over that "you.. Read more

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The British have a way with their own literary heritage, a confidence and panache generally lacking in Hollywood. Witness the BBC television production of “Pride and Prejudice,” out April 27 on a new DVD release with “behind the scenes” and othe.. Read more

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Set in fall of 1962against a drumbeat of ominous news during the Cuban Missile Crisis, A A Single Man ,Film Read more

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Bewitchingbee (2456 N. Murray Ave.) offers a variety of occult items, including powders, oils, books and jewelry. Classes on tarot card reading, psychic development, hoodoo and related topics are of,Off the Cuff Read more

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The Milwaukee Brewers continue their home series against the Florida Marlins tonight with a 7:05 p.m. game.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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If it were possible to mash everything on alternative radio into a doughy paste, then cook Don’t You Fake It ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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