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The city finally has a new health commissioner as Milwaukee native Jeanette Kowalik was sworn in Wednesday. more

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A health department that has been riddled with deficiencies and turmoil following the resignation of former commissioner Bevan Baker last January will likely be getting a new leader Wednesday. more

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The People's Flag does not have the support of all demographics of the city, several Common Council members argued at sometimes a testy meeting Thursday. more

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Justin Bielinski wants to replace Bob Donovan as the Eighth District’s representative on the Common Council. Yes, Donovan is running for both mayor and alderman, although he can only serve in one position, not both, if he’s successful on Tu... more

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Last night MilwaukeeAlderman Joe Dudzik was killed in a motorcycle accident. Dudzik had workedfor the city’s Department of Public Works before being elected to the MilwaukeeCommon Council in 2002. Dudzik was very active in his community and als.. more

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A Milwaukee anti-poverty plan crafted by Republican state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and state Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) may be short on details, but it could make sweeping changes to the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), zo... more

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The residents of the near North Side of Milwaukee have the opportunity to support an energetic, progressive candidate to the Milwaukee Common Council—Eyon Biddle. This special election will more

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Voters on the near North Side of Milwaukee will head to the polls on Tuesday, April 29, in a special election to elect their next representative on the Milwaukee Common more

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Well,this came as a surprise. To me, at least. Oneof the most powerful men in city government is leaving his position tomorrow. And he already has a job lined up. Yup.Common Council President Willie Hines is stepping down from his seat effe.. more

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Now that the city’s strict cap on taxicab permits has been declared unconstitutional, the Milwaukee Common Council has an opportunity to develop new taxicab permitting more

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It’s not like the Milwaukee Common Council hadn’t been warned that its strict cap on taxicab permits was on shaky constitutional ground. more

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Milwaukee’s taxicabdrivers were happy with Circuit Court Judge Jane Carroll’s decision today thatprevents the city from enforcing its taxicab permit cap because it's unconstitutional.But cabbies won’t be ableto apply for new permits just yet... more

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The Sanfelippo family’s control of Milwaukee’s taxicab cartel may be over.In an oral decision delivered April 16, Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Jane Carroll found that the city’s strict cap on taxicab permits is unconstitutional. more

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Although its mission is to grant Milwaukee residents oversight of the fire and police departments, the Fire and Police Commission (FPC) is coming under fire for its lack of public input—specifically, its limited public vetting of nominees t... more

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The recent battle between the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Police Chief Ed Flynn has prompted... more

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With Tea Party extremists being egged on by Wisconsin Republicans at the highest levels, no one should... more

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The Shepherd Express endorses Mayor Tom Barrett for another term as mayor of Milwaukee... more

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The largest of Milwaukee’s ethnic festivals, German Fest this year features dancers, polka, costumes, games of sheepshead, mask-carving activities, a blacksmith and genealogist, and almost criminally adorable dachshund races, but more

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Railing against the uniform blandness of American society, for his exhibit “Freak Parade” at Marquette’s Haggerty Museum of Art, Thomas Woodruff, chair of the illustration and cartooning department at New York’s School of Visual Ar more

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Though Joey’s is part ofa chain, it doesn’t really feel like one. What stands out most is theaffordable pricing, especially at lunchtime. Be in the mood for items like mahimahi, catfish, fish & chips and scallops, as this is not a pl,Dinin more

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