Escape from Earth by British historian Fraser MacDonald tries to blend science with politics and arrives at uneven results, but it’s worth reading for MacDonald’s many witty observations. Read more


The bebop situation came to a head in November 1950, when the Milwaukee archdiocese threatened to expel any student who refused to give up the bebop look. Read more

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Despite his palpable contempt for Russia and its culture, Princeton history professor Jonathan Haslam delivers an account of Soviet secret services in Near and Distant Neighbors: A New History of Soviet Intelligence that is well documented ... Read more


When critics use the word to “drowsy” to describe music, they rarely mean it as a complement. It’s a loaded word, one that’s usually used to signify music that’s either boring or dispassionate. Sometimes, though, drowsy just means drowsy, and T.. Read more

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Like many men who volunteered for the U.S. Army in World War II, my late father never boasted about his years in uniform. A patriot to his core, he nevertheless Read more

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Ernst Thälmann ran against Hitler in Germany’s 1932 presidential election. Neither man won, but after Hitler seized power, the communist Thälmann was arrested and eventually murdered at Buchenwald. Ironically, as Russell Read more


With their 1988 collaboration, Kings in Disguise, writer James Vance (The Crow) and Milwaukee illustrator Dan E. Burr were among the pathfinders of a genre that became well-established within a few years, the graphic novel Read more


Dreaming about something and living it are two completely different things. The fact that this premise has become a cliché is very telling about contemporary culture. Perfection is a moving target and we never seem satisfied. It's a deep-ro... Read more


Zizek begins hisbook with a warning: Any reader who would not even consider this notion i The ,Books Read more


Prince Ali ft. Casual, Planet Asia and Keith Murray - "The Majors" It’s easy to see why the Late Night Hype Show guys are salivating over this track: Four great, cult emcees from totally different cliques team up over one of the best beats of.. Read more

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Me'Shell Ndegeocellofirst earned fame with the "Wild Night" cover she belted out with Joh The Spirit Music Jamia ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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