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Over the years, I’ve seen some really talented high school students in professional local theater productions. Whether it’s First Stage or some other company or in some rare cases an actual high school production that I’m seeing, there’s always so.. more



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It’s nice to see that a steady series of locally-written shows continuing to make it to the stage. Alchemist’s New York Stories series may be the most prominent of locally-written productions. One of those locally-written pieces that might not get.. more


Despite major successes, gun-rights advocates are insisting on chipping away at the few restrictions on gun ownership and use the state does have. We aren’t sure more

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The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) is supposed to look out for the public interest when it regulates utilities’ rates, sales and expansion plans more

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“When people go to pray on a Sunday and then are murdered, something is wrong in our country. When people go to a theater and are murdered, something is wrong with more

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Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn doesn’t mince words about the current debate on gun violence, whether it relates to the high-profile mass shootings or “the daily violence in our streets,” which he terms “a slow-motion mass more

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It is not OK to murder people. That may seem to be such a self-evident moral truth that it should... more

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Gov. Scott Walker and his allies in the conservative movement and at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel claim... more

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When Gov. Scott Walker took office a year ago, he promised to create 250,000 jobs by the end of the first term. But the unfortunate truth is that Walker has the worst job-creation record of all 50 governors. According to the latest figure... more

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Wisconsin historically has been a purple state with very close elections. Sometimes Democrats are in charge... more

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The legislative session that began with a bang is ending with a whimper... more

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Is it really too much to ask that those carrying concealed weapons take a four-hour training course? Mind you, that course doesn't have to be hands-on. The course isn't required to have a standard curriculum. And it doesn't require the s... more

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On Nov. 1, Wisconsin's gun advocates will achieve their long-held dream of legally obtaining... more

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With the nation's bloody history of student, teacher and administrator shootings at schools from elementary... more

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Fascinating that Gov. Scott Walker would promise to sign any concealed carry bill that comes to his desk. Because that seems to be precisely what Wisconsin voters do not want. According to a new poll commissioned by the Wisco.. more

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Republicans are fast-tracking two bills that would allow residents to carry concealed weapons in public. Only one bill has been introduced in both the state Assembly and the state Senate, legislation that would create a permitting system f... more

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Distracted by the budget negotiations? Don't be. State Republicans are working hard to introduce bills while they're still in the majority. One bill being drafted at the moment—.. more

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After the tragedy in Arizona, we are asking Wisconsin lawmakers, who will be introducing legislation to allow people to carry concealed weapons into restaurants and churches, to take a careful look at who, exactly, should be able to own gun... more

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