Dan Kaufman stresses in The Fall of Wisconsin that the state whose motto was “Forward” has become the laboratory for America’s right-wing extremists, mislabeled as “conservatives.” Read more


For years, fair-minded radio listeners have complained about right-wing talkers’ near monopoly on Milwaukee’s airwaves.Listeners were frustrated that their calls weren’t taken; that candidates, elected officials Read more

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Defending himself against the perception that he has no significant foreign policy experience, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has drawn fresh attention to one of the most... Read more

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Last Friday, four members of the Ladydrawers, a collective that creates comics about race, class, gender and sexuality, embarked on a road trip to Saint Louis. Their goal: to deliver a copy of the latest edition of the fundamental women's ... Read more


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a stunning pick over the weekend when he selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate. On the one hand, it makes sense. Romney has had a hard... Read more

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How the Supreme Court majority will rule on President Obama's Affordable Care Act may well have been foretold... Read more

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Somehow Republicans continue to successfully divert public attention from Wisconsin's leading role... Read more

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When President Obama disparaged "loose talk about war" against the theocratic regime in Tehran... Read more

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After making <a href=\"\">a bit of news last week</a>, Bon Iver performed on &quot;Saturday Night Live&quot; this weekend, and the perfo.. Read more

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620 WTMJ doesn't own the airwaves. It rents a frequency from the public, which owns the airwaves. WTMJ's broadcast license is a privilege, not a right. That's why it's so shocking that WTMJ's star talker, Charlie Sykes, continues to use ... Read more

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When a writer and photographer set forth on an expedition to document the places associated with America’s most notorious serial killers, they never imagined that the man responding to their rideshare posting would turn out to be a serial murder.. Read more

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I´ve long entertained friends with the story about the historic day our small-town elementary school almost got to see the president of the United States. ,Taking Liberties Read more

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I first started listening to the Rush Limbaugh program during the Clinton Administration, or as Rush liked to call it “America Held Hostage.”  Regardless of what you may think of his pol,Left and Right Read more

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Not surprisingly, liberal pundits and commentators heard a speech that was, according t Your neighbor thinks he can be financially successful raising bees in his backyard to harv ,Left and Right Read more

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Think You Know JohnMcCain? Roe v. Wade ,None Read more

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An exhibitionof etchings by William Hogarth at the Haggerty Museum (through April13) sho Battle of the Pictures ,Art Read more

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