Guysand Dolls was based on fiction written bythe father of modern roller derby. Okay, so that’s a bit of a stretch, but itis exceedingly difficult to say anything new about a beloved musical that hasbeen produced countless times since it debut.. Read more


Largely instigated by the success of Nine Inch Nails, the mid-’90s tidal wave of industrial rock lifted a lot of bands to prominence, few of whom are still active now that that wave has long sinc,Concert Reviews Read more

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During my college years in Madison, most ofthe touring indie-rock bands of interest played at a now-defunctbasement coffeeshop with unclear ties to the church next door. I never fullyunderstood that place. The regulars were almost eerily quiet .. Read more

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Most of us resent control freaks; at the same time, we usually fear losing control. Milwaukee psychologist LaMont Prospect explores the issue in Control: A Book About People With an Excessive Need to Control Other People or Things and About... Read more

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