This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly thought exchange with Ryan Scheicher, Milwaukee Record co-founder Matt Wild and I, we're talking about the story everybody else around here has been talking about for the last week: allegations that a pro.. more

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Conservative columnist Ann Coulter will speak at the Riverside Theater on Saturday, Oct. 19, the venue announced, promoting her latest book, Memo to Republicans: We're Not Democrats . It's an unusual booking for the Pabst Theater Foundation, which.. more

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Baseball season is winding to a close, at least for Brewers fans. The team plays its last home game of the season Sunday, so tonight’s game against the Cincinnati Reds is one of your final chances to catch them this year. more

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At Cosmos, breakfast isserved all day, every day. Options include omelets, pancakes, French toast andother American standards as well as Greek yoghurt with walnuts and honey (asimple Greek delight that doubles as a dessert). Prices range fr... more

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RalphLarsen was in the thick of all things countercultural in Milwaukee in UWM Post ,None more

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After years of campaigning with a platform of change, president-elect Obama will finally have the opportunity to implement his transformation of Washington, but before he starts, there’s going to be a,Today in Milwaukee more

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