Cooperative Performance Milwaukee

This month: 53212 Presents and Cooperative Performance’s Pitch Event, holiday shows, Milwaukee Art Museum and a great lost Milwaukee LP. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

Cooperative Performance explores the cycles of abuse and recovery in the debut of ‘Kaleidoscope.’ Read more


This month: Cooperative Performance and Florentine Opera's upcoming performances, developments at the Mitchell Park Domes, painter Tom Uttech and Farm Aid. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express



“The best thing to do is to purchase a one- or two-day pass and bask in it!” John Schneider says of the 2019 Milwaukee Fringe Festival. Read more

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Photo Credit: Lily Shea Photography

Cooperative Performance explores the nature of everyday human emotion from a stylish steampunk lens with J.J. Gatesman’s 'Machina Persona.' Read more


Performed in an old warehouse in the Third Ward, every inch of space is adapted expertly to feel like its own world, and the viewer’s perspective and expectations are in for a wild ride. Read more



Photo Credit: Andy Walsh

Celsius 232 is surprisingly creative and efficient at portraying a dystopian future where critical thought has gone extinct. Read more

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In the newly restored North Milwaukee Arthaus, Quasimondo Theatre will produce Celsius 232, an adaptation of the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. Read more

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Photo Credit: Nathaniel Schardin, Traveling Lemur Productions LLC.

Cooperative Performance stages an intriguing female-centered adaptation of a Shakespearian classic with CORIOLANA. Read more



Photo Credit: Nathaniel Schardin Traveling Lemur Productions LLC

CORIOLANA is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus in which the title character isn’t just played by a woman but reconceived as a female character. Read more

A&E Feature

Cooperative Performance brings to life the stories of six women who served in Vietnam at the War Memorial Center. Read more


Young Milwaukee dance artist Zach Schorsch, along with several established and student dancers, present Wisdom Teeth at Danceworks, Saturday, March 31. Read more



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Dubbed an “exotic drama,” award-winning Slovenian playwright Rok Vilčnik’s script reinvents the recognizable characters of Tarzan and Jane, in a world where anything is possible. Read more

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Cooperative Performance stages the stories of contemporary immigrants with its debut production of Ellis. Read more


This week, Village Playhouse divulges The Importance of Being Earnest; Cooperative Performance and Alejandra Gonzales share immigrants’ stories with Ellis in Alverno’s Pitman Theatre and more. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

The hour long show is a collection of stories adapted for theatrical performance. Read more


Cooperative Performance Milwaukee was founded as a co-op whose members, with input from the community, produce original avant-garde performances. Read more

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Immigrants of Milwaukee, yourstories deserve to be heard. You have two months to contact CooperativePerformance, a theater and dance collective which is calling for submissions. Whether it is through text,audio, poetry, dance, music, v.. Read more

Happening Now

This month Cooperative Performance Milwaukee presents a program of seven entertainingly diverse shorts. Read more


The unexpected. It’s one of the best things about a program of original theatrical shorts. You don’t know what to expect. The show begins. You don’t know what to expect. Then there’s a change in scenery. Then there’s another show where anything co.. Read more