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In ‘Metropolitan Fetish,’ John Warne Monroe looks at African sculpture as it made its way to Paris in the 20th century, influencing modern Western artists. Read more


The Imperial Japanese Army is legendary for its obedience, but discipline seems to have been more pronounced in the lower ranks than the officer corps. In Curse on the Country: The Rebellious Army of Imperial Japan, Danny Orbach from the He... Read more


The story of Poland’s rebirth as an independent nation gets a close examination in Robert Blobaum’s A Minor Apocalypse: Warsaw During the First World War. Read more


Lipking’s book, 'What Galileo Saw: Imagining the Scientific Revolution,' is revelatory in its effort to sketch a more complete history of science, which is to say, an understanding of the universe in which we imagine ourselves. Read more

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<p> When J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI, every American who was anyone was under surveillance, and in Hollywood, the bureau maintained files on directors, screenwriters, actors and others and recruited a network of informants who fed the hungry age.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

During the U.S. occupation of Japan after World War II, the Americans were determined to transform the island empire from an authoritarian to a democratic society. Much has been written about the political strategy of the U.S. Supreme Commander, .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Thirty years after the Islamic Revolution, “Persian Visions: Contemporary Photography from Iran” brings the work of 20 photographers to Milwaukee (at the Haggerty Museum of Art through Jan. 17, 2010). Despite cultural sanctions imposed by t... Read more

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A New Yorker cartoon pictures a spectacled woman in a witness box, surrounded by judge, ju New Yorker ,Theater Read more