With Milwaukee’s The Grovelers filling in on opening duties on short notice, outlaw country heir Shooter Jennings shared some fetching new tunes at Shank Hall. more

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Back on the circuit after a break, Milwaukee’s Honky Tonkitis embrace the decidedly adult spirit of classic honky-tonk records. more

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I'm not quite sure how official this is, but I’vejust heard that Milwaukee Transport Services Inc. (MTS), the longtime nonprofitoperator of the Milwaukee County Transit System, has lost its bid to continuerunning county buses. TheAbele admin.. more

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Throughout Scott Walker's tenure as Milwaukee County executive, he held fast to one big campaign promise: He refused to raise property taxes in each year's proposed budget. The problem, of course, is that Walker's budgets... more

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With his kinda-sorta alt-country band Two Cow Garage, singer-songwriter Micah Schnabel explores the louder end of roots music, drawing inspiration as much from ’80s and ’90s college rock and grunge as traditional country troubadours. The gr... more

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