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BizStarts helps entrepreneurs create startups through coaching, mentoring and network connections, while also working towards ending poverty. Read more

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Skylight Music Theatre presents ‘The Gospel at Colonus,’ adapted from the ancient Greek ‘Oedipus at Colonus’ by Lee Breuer and Bob Telson, with direction by Sheri Williams Pannell. Read more

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The organization—boasting nearly 40 member organizations representing Jewish, Islamic, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Unitarian congregations—has chalked up many accomplishments in fulfillment of its motto since it was founded. Read more

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The college’s board of directors’ proposal to lower part-time faculty salaries, remove the class & step system and reduce paid hours outside the classroom raises concerns about the quality of education the campus offers. Read more

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“Instead of legitimate companies making something safe, they are going to be selling stuff on street corners that could be horrible,” said Donald Trump. Read more

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Small Business Saturday, much like its elder cousins, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, has become a central part of the gift-giving holiday season in the U.S. and, indeed, the national economy. Read more

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People in both Wisconsin and Oklahoma have expressed strong support for reform and decarceration, but it seems Wisconsin’s political structures have become less responsive to the will of the people. Read more

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We may be decking our halls with holly and placing mistletoe in strategic places, but there are many holiday reasons to leave the house this season. Music, theater, dance—it’s all a celebration of the most wonderful time of the year. Read more

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Discover which local grocery stores offer pre-order, heat-and-serve Thanksgiving meals that can simply be reheated in the oven. Read more


Grandma’s house not available this Thanksgiving Day? Have no fear! There are plenty of excellent options at restaurants and hotels throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Read more

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Minnesota greatly outpaces Wisconsin in clean energy production; a new report from the Environmental Law & Policy Center says that our state is much more dependent on burning fossil fuels than our western neighbor. Read more

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Immunization rates are spotty in Milwaukee, and health officials are encouraging all parents to get their children’s vaccinations up to date. Read more

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First Stage is putting on a bilingual, intimate and profound show amidst the monarch butterflies’ annual migration and Día de los Muertos celebrations. Read more

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In its breadth and depth, the exhibition presents his vision with naturalistic grounding, magical expansiveness and psychological complexity. Read more

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The exhibit includes the locks and handcuffs he picked, the containers he escaped from, as well as many posters and photographs from his performances. Read more

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Local Catholics have a long tradition of helping the poor and advocating for immigrants. Read more

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Meet Earnell Lucas, the man who came in with the goal of restoring the honor, the integrity and trust back to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. Read more

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The Shepherd Express’ Best of Milwaukee, the area’s premier contest of its kind, celebrates 25 years. Read more

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E-retailers and big box stores are loaded for the holidays. Most of us will fight through crowds at the mall or click our way through practical, but impersonal, online sellers. The personal touch seems to diminish as credit card stress rise... Read more

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Although his byline is infrequent, Louis Fortis—the publisher and editor of the Shepherd Express—provides the guiding vision for the newspaper's news coverage... Read more

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