Abby Jeanne has one of those voices meant to turn heads, an acrobatic, bluesy wail that dwarfs everything in its vicinity. Thiswinter the Foreign Goods singer put that voice to good use on her debut soloalbum, Rebel Love , a freewheeling settha.. more

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A lot of music venues have had cleaner air since the smoking ban, but with their “Music Under Glass” series every Thursday, the Mitchell Park Domes is the only Milwaukee venue that actually produces its own oxygen.On a small, patio-like sta... more

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There may not be any local theatre companies opening any time soon, but there are  quite a few options for New Year’s Eve.  Just outside Milwaukee county, Racine Theatre Guild offers a musical tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter. Dan Simpson .. more


In a bad marriage, children can become the one common interest holding the couple together Empty Nest ,Film more

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