Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson was most recently the host of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," which was my favorite late night talk show for quite a while. He has written, starred in and directed several films throughout this career, establishing himself.. Read more


Craig Ferguson explains why he was ready to leave “The Late Late Show,” and how he’s settling in on his new “Celebrity Name Game.” Read more

A&E Feature 3 Comments

Itmust be very strange touring as someone else. There’s a guy who does Twain. Hetravels around the country performing as Mark Twain. That must be a weird life.There are people traveling around to places they’ve probably never beenpretending .. Read more


Aribbon cutting ceremony will take place on Friday, Sept. 26 for Cafe India Barand Grill. Alderman Tony Zielinski will take part in the ceremony at therestaurant's new full service location in Bay View at 2201 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.The ceremony .. Read more

Happening Now

The days of Don Rickles rolling with the Rat Pack and presiding over celebrity roasts are long over, but that doesn’t mean Rickles has lost his snarky touch. The venerable insult comic is as audacious as he was in his heyday. Now 83... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Although they have sold more than 6 million albums in their quarter-century together, Cali-punk institutions NOFX have made a point to stay out of the mainstream by avoiding music videos and taunting the hands that feed. Their most infamous... Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

There isn’t much room for innovation in the world of late-night talk shows, almost all of which follow the same rigid formula “The Tonight Show” laid out a half-century ago, but comedian Craig Ferguson has nonetheless managed to make Read more

Today in Milwaukee