Crappy Dracula W/ Plexi 3

It's already mid-December. This means many things to many people. For some of us, think back on the recent past and realize that it's already been 30 years since 1983. Granted, I was in grade school back then . . . but it's really been 30 years s.. Read more


Stonefly Brewery’s lineup Friday night brought to mind the old “Seasame Street” segment “One of These Things is Not Like the Other.” Headlining was Crappy Dracula, a Milwaukee lo-fi punk three-piece, joined by Plexi 3, a Milw Read more

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Milwaukee’s transgressive punk trio Crappy Dracula is so good at pretending to be bad that they make it look easy. While similar bands use their nihilistic, “we hate everything” posturing to justify poorly written songs, Crappy Dracula&r Read more

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