Crime Thrillers

ElmoreLeonard’s terse crime stories seem almost readymade for the movies, and he’sbeen eager to help translate them from page to screen. Leonard co-wrote thescreenplay for the adaptation of his novel 52 Pick-up . The 1986 thriller bydirector J.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

When Melbourne police detective James Jewel is called away to a murder scene in the middle of the night, his wife admonishes, “If it gets crazy, don’t be a hero this time, OK?” Apparently, shrinking from responsibility is not OK in his book. Det.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

   The idea of punk rock as an antidote to bloated, spectacle-ridden rock 'n' roll has become a standard trope in many versions of popular music history. This stripped-down, simplistic style of,Local Music Read more

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