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Although Allen Keller and Mike Benign bill Happiless as their debut album, both have long (but separate) résumés dating from such ’80s Milwaukee bands as Women’s Liberace and Blue In The Face. The melodic ambitions of ’60s pop rock undersco... more

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Renaissance Theaterworks brings a series of staged readings to various venues early this month as it presents the Br!nk New Work Festival. The Br!nk Award recognizes midwestern female playwright excellence with week long workshops that res.. more


Crowded House’s second post-reunion album—an elegant, mostly laid-backaffair—finds the band continuing to eschew its earlier mainstream appeal andwrite serious alternative-pop songs for grown-ups. more

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Laura Veirs writes tender songs that sway and complement her delicate voice. Often referr The Crane Wife ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Though he delivered his fair share of memorable songs as a member of both Split Enz and Cr Imaginary Kingdom ,Today in Milwaukee more

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