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You could say that Scott Walker has beengood for Journal Communications. The man generates headlines and hits onits website. Charlie Sykes is his mouthpiece on WTMJ. And the nonstop politicalads since 2010 have been terrific for the bottom li.. Read more

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The Internet is overcrowded with free rap music competing for your right clicks, but this one stands out from the pack: the Umbrella Music Group is giving away free downloads of D. Ellzey's A Shift in the Wind, a beautifully crafted hip-hop/soul r.. Read more

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D. Ellzey knows he isn’t the only 30-something rapper, but sometimes it can feel that way.“A lot of rappers my age may have a family, business interests, a whole life outside of rap, but for some reason when they enter the rap realm, they d... Read more

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The Milwaukee Art Museum pays tribute a largely overlooked Dutch master with its exhibit “Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt’s Shadow,” which opened this weekend. A contemporary of Rembrandt van Rijn, Lievens has featured as little more than Read more

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