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He would also rather direct commercials than have his own TV show. more



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Tame Impala and Jenny Lewis swing back through town, while Kids in the Hall and the “Daily Show” writers bring the comedy. more

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Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be imminent on the Feb. 26, 2015, episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" coming back from the final commercial break. Stewart thanked his guests and introduced the evening’s Moment of Zen segment to clos.. more

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Rosewater investigates the psychology of the captors as well as the captives. Bahari’s interrogator rations the physical brutality. more

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Vocalist Carole Ferrara and guitarist/singer John Plankenhorn have been performing around Milwaukee for the past 12 years as electri-violet. Given the lack of self-conscious trendiness about what they do, their act can be called organically... more

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Yesterday I asked Howard Dean, "Which side are you on?" And, later in the day, we got his response: Howard Dean, once the hope of Democratic rebels, joined CNBC in appealing the court decision that enjoined CNBC to include Dennis Kucinich in the N.. more

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Also concluding on Jan. 1 is the traveling exhibit The Climate Change chiquangue ,Today in Milwaukee more

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