The Dainty Rogues

This weekend local burlesque group Dainty Rogues present Doctor Who: Or How I Learned To Stop Time and Love the Dalek. It's a stylishly sensual and occasionally sexy dance theatre inspired by the long-running BBC sci-fi show. The decades-old story.. more


According to a recent U.N. report robots will soon replace 2/3 of all the jobs on the third world. The share of jobs that are going to be lost in the coming years to our plastic pals will be heavier in developing countries and parts of our own cou.. more


Ruthie answers a question from a reader who wonders if her new girlfriend is too interested in astrology. Exciting upcoming events include Pose ’n Play Figure Drawing and Burlesque at Art*Bar, March 17; One Heartland Fundraiser at The Where... more

Dear Ruthie

 Even if it's just a passing trend, it's nice to see the Steampunk aesthetic gain popularity. The latest local manifestation is The Dainty Rogues…a group of theatrical performers that includes burlesque dancers, fire eaters, singers, comedians .. more


After the Park East Freeway was razed to free up property for development, the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County came into possession of separate parcels of land on the site.However, only the land owned by the city has been sold. Altho... more

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Walker’s Point Center for the Arts (WPCA) begins its 24th year of providing the community with art, education and performance. Canada’s University of Manitoba selected the WPCA as one of a dozen full-service community arts centers throughou... more

Visual Arts

Like landscapes, portraiture is sometimescategorically (and unfortunately) dismissed by curators in favor of moreabstract, allegedly more exciting “isms.” I like a Jackson Pollock as much asthe next guy (which is to say that I can mutter,Ar... more

Visual Arts