Talk about persistence. Throughout the course of their 27-year career, The Church have been kicked around, shat on and outright ignored, neglected by both the sales charts and the music press alike. Even their lone Top 40 single—“Under the Mil.. Read more

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Last night I had a dream where I was reading a review I’d never written about a new Broadway Musical by Uwe Boll tat doesn’t exist. Weird. But not unheard of. This is a strange time of yearthe twilight between thee end of the normal season and the.. Read more


The Newark,N.J.-based alternative hip-hop group D'lek has made a career out ofdefyi Odelay ,Concert Reviews Read more

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Unlike so many other abstract hip-hop artists who create only flimsy, vaguely dreamlike s We Don’t Need To Whisper ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Dalek A Midsummer Night’s Dream ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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