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The Milwaukee dance-pop trio preaches the power of acceptance on their debut LP Dance Music Saves Lives. Read more

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The newest album by Ola Fresca, Elixir, is all about dance music. Jose Conde, the band’s frontman, knows how to blend Cuban music with rumba, timba and Puerto Rican-style salsa, creating an album that is almost reminiscent of a Miami dance ... Read more

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Bosnia was long a collision point of cultures, and Berlin is a continental crossroads. Bosnian mix-master Robert Soko lives in the German capital, where he fills the clubs with a wonderful montage of pan-European dance music... Read more

Album Reviews

Dance music, especially in places like New York City, draws from a global ocean of influences to keep the dance floor full. On Moon People, Brooklyn DJ-producer Nickodemus displays his range on tracks that filter echoes of reggae into dream... Read more

Album Reviews

The Offspring are one of the most successful punk bands of all time, largely because they’ve always had an ear for the times. During a period when their California punk peers were rigidly committed to Bad Religion’s playbook, the Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Not that I could ever claim real t.A.T.u. fandom—like most American listeners, I’ll always view the duo as a novelty act—but I dismissed the group completely after their odd Sting-assisted, outer-space-romanticizing 2005 album, Dangerous and Movin.. Read more

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Mafioso, a gorgeously shot black-and-white 1962 mafia film with a dark sense of humor, scr Mafioso ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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