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Sara Bareilles’ “You Can Have Manhattan”—rendered intimately near the end of Danceworks Performance Company’s Torch and Glamour—casts a spell, the ability of which is ripe for comedy. Read more


Dear Ruthie helps out roommates dealing with a thorny situation and shares her social calendar in the Greater Milwaukee area. Read more

Dear Ruthie


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Against the Grain is Danceworks’ latest production. It tells the life story of Civil War veteran-turned-artist Levi Fisher Ames through film, theater and dance in an ethereal performance. Read more



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The “Get It Out There” series invites audiences to witness a dozen radically different short performances and jot descriptions of what they saw and the thoughts it provoked. Read more


For our Fall Arts Guide, we decided to look at several women who have challenged old habits by founding or taking leading roles within arts institutions. As happens in many ways, and more often than many of us realize, our city is in front. Read more

, Fall Arts Guide


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With training in dance, theatre, business and finance, Deborah Farris was hired in 2002 as the vulnerable young Danceworks’ first paid executive director. Read more

Fall Arts Guide


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Thirteen pieces and a traditional freestyle finish (which the kids graced) made last weekend’s sixth annual Danceworks DanceLAB showcase Ignite: A Hip Hop Dance Experience the biggest ever. As always, the virtuosity and virtues the style emphasizes w Read more


What you can expect at MKE Fringe Fest 2018 (Aug. 25-26), introducing the Shepherd's new visual arts writer and more. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

Young Milwaukee dance artist Zach Schorsch, along with several established and student dancers, present Wisdom Teeth at Danceworks, Saturday, March 31. Read more


At last summer’s Fringe Festival, Danceworks artists Gina Laurenzi and Christal Wagner treated a full house at the Marcus Center’s Wilson Theatre to a challenging, thoroughly engaging collection of original dance, music, spoken word and film. Read more


Danceworks presents Women Who Dance, an eclectic compilation of works by Milwaukee area female troupes and dancers. Read more



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Paul Masterson celebrates black LGBTQ artists of note, citing presidential portraitist Kehinde Wiley, on the national level, and Richard Brasfield, Lex Allen and Elisabeth Brown of Milwaukee. Read more



Koen Beets

This week, the visiting Flanders Recorder Quartet gives a concert in Milwaukee for the last time; its members are wrapping up 30 years of live performances, which have taken them around the world, this season. Read more

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Danceworks’ twice-yearly mini-festival of short works by established and emerging choreographers, DanceLAB, takes the title Get it Out There and will be performed in two segments on Saturday, Jan. 20. Read more


We take a closer look at three additional MPS schools that go above and beyond their state-mandated curricula. Read more

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Danceworks on Tap’s new show, What’s Tappenin’?, comprised a tight, intelligent and perfectly executed hour of entertainment. Read more


Handel’s operas are teeming with animals! Stroll the grounds of the Lynden Sculpture Garden in search of the lion, bee, nightingale, snake, elephant, frog, dove, stag, tiger – even a phoenix! Come explore the menagerie created when Danceworks Perf.. Read more


Stories from a Life is an unusually conceptual performance created by choreographer/dancer Daniel Burkholder in collaboration with six superb performers from the Danceworks Performance Company. Read more


Fifty years ago Milwaukee civic leaders banded together to found the United Performing Arts Fund, which celebrates its annual Campaign Launch on Monday, March 6. Read more

A&E Feature

The most important thing to know about Sophia is her stamina or her will, or perhaps her certainty of the way which things should be… This multi-media work reflects on the story of guest choreographer Daniel Burkholder's 97 year-old grandmother, S.. Read more