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A contemporary singer-songwriter finds himself in a parallel word where The Beatles never happened. Read more

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The bravura filmmaking on display in the original Trainspotting is reprised in T2 as director Danny Boyle cuts away to memories, freezes frames and edits with great skill, creating a cinematic artifact as opposed to the ostensibly transpare... Read more

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A biographical film on Apple founder Steve Jobs directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle. Read more

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In Don’t Look Now director Nicolas Roeg adapted Daphne du Maurier’s ghost story and transformed it into something larger—a study in synchronicity, the psychology of the paranormal and the possibility that the ghosts we see are projections o... Read more

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Director Danny Boyle, after winning accolades for 127 Hours and Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire, turns to mind games with his latest film. Trance opens masterfully as an ironic art heist caper with a twist of amnesia. It turns Read more

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The teeming multitudes shown under the opening credits of 127 Hours could be a clue. Extreme athlete Aron Ralston hikes, bikes and climbs in the remotest wilderness partly because he wants to be far from the crowdisolated even from those who l.. Read more

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Zombies were big last decade, thanks to Danny Boyle’s nail-biting thriller 28 Days Later. Writer Joe Kane reminds us of that the recent breed of undead were born in George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968), a movie routinely described as .. Read more

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This year’s Downtown Dining Week, which begins today and runs through June 4, features more participating restaurants than ever, 40 of them, up from the usual 30. Among the eateries that will be offering special menus with three-course meal... Read more

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Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire (out now on Blu-ray disc) was the unexpected indie success of 2008, rising from the brink of oblivion to triumph on Oscar night. The British director of Trainspotting and 28 DaysLater has matured without losing h.. Read more

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"We got asked to do my buddy's Christmas party in L.A.," Kevin Meyer, one half o The Get Drunk DJs will be spinning records in between sets by The Goodnight Loving, Gentle ,Local Music Read more

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Used to be I’d laugh at the Golden Globs. After all, it began when a bunch of nonentities decided to through a big party and pass out awards. Of course, the Globes became important years ago when the stars stopped laughing and agreed to walk dow.. Read more

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Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire is becoming this year’s indie success, earning accolades and steady box office business. The British director (Trainspotting, 28 Days) has matured. Cheekiness is hard to spot in this brutal yet hopeful story abo.. Read more

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They have orange, pink and blue faces, with hair to match. They pretend to play musical in High School Musical ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Jokes about hot flashes and mood swings abound in the popular touring production of Menop Menopause: The Musical ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The Luckystar Studio at 5407 W. Vliet St., holds an opening reception for its newest exhibit tonight, collection of rock posters by prolific silk-screener Eric Von Munz, who has designed posters for Queens,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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