A little boy is possessed by an evil spirit lurking in a rock he removes from the Grand Canyon in the Greg McLean-directed horror film, The Darkness. more

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The Master Singers of Milwaukee open their season with a concert of vocal music called “Darkness, Light and Life.” more

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Photo by Kiri Lin

In the seven years since The Darkness disbanded, Justin Hawkins got sober, his brother Daniel formed a new band and the world was forced to move on from its sudden obsession with power chords and leotards. Or so it seemed. During its perfor... more

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“Poldek” Socha is a meaty-faced, crude man who cusses like a sailor as he navigates the sewers... more

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Closing night of Spiral Theatre’s Wait Until Dark was sold out. A small crowd of people piled into the tiny performance space that Director Doug Giffin and scenic designer Mark Hooker had developed for the Frederick Knott thriller. It was set to b.. more