Being in touch with your intuition can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s pretty crazy-making trying to decipher which of your thoughts, feelings or suspicions are actually true as opposed to mere figments of your hyper-vigilant imagination. Read more

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Frustrating, isn’t it, the whole dating scene? It’s pretty much a miraculous feat to find someone who matches up with the most critical items on your “must-have” list: smart, funny, cute, employed and/or financially stable, good listener, likes ... Read more

On the Couch

When I saw the rumor confirmed that Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn were breaking up, I thought, “What can I do to help? Of course. I’ll offer to be his wingman." Read more

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On a recentThursday night, I walked into a trendy East Side bar, ordered an IPA andproceeded to have a conversation with a complete stranger for about two hours.We engaged in the type of first date fodder we’ve all grown accustomed to—wher.. Read more

Happening Now

If I’m being honest, the last person you want relationshipadvice from is me. My dating history is like a bunch of ill-fitting storereturns I waited too long to take back. So when Evan, my boyfriend, asked if hecould write .. Read more


This time on the Sexpress Podcast, Liz and Tyler answer a listener's question about asking out an older woman at work. If you'd like to hear your question answered on a subsequent episode, leave it in the comments below, or send it to sexpres.. Read more

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This week in the Sexpress Podcast: Answering a listener's question about how to get back in the saddle after a traumatic experience. To hear your questions answered on a subsequent episode, send them to Read more

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This time on the Sexpress Podcast: Answering a listener's question about their girlfriend's "number," and whether or not he has the right to be upset.  Want to see your question answered on a subsequent episode? Create a free account and ask .. Read more

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Liz and Tyler answer a listener's question about how to make his wedding night special, and one of the worst bad date stories you've ever heard from local comedian Greg Bach.Want to hear your question answered on a future episode? Send it to .. Read more

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In the third installment of the Sexpress: He Said / She Said Podcast, Liz and Tyler tackle a listener's question about tricky parenting boundaries.Also, in a new segment, they welcome special guest Allison Dunne who shares a doozy of a bad date.. Read more

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With a pair of unforgettably strong Comedy Central Roast appearances, more than a decade logged in comedy clubs spread throughout all corners of the country as well as a pair of rock solid and fear,Comedy Reviews Read more


The teeming multitudes shown under the opening credits of 127 Hours are a clue. Extreme athlete Aron Ralston hikes, bikes and climbs in the remotest wilderness partly because he wants to be far from the crowd—isolated even from those who lo... Read more

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The Milwaukee Rep produces the U.S. premiere of Laurel and Hardy , Tom McGrath’s tribute to the comedy team from the Golden Age of cinema. McGrath’s script envisions a meeting between Laurel and Hardy in the afterlife. Read more

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Whereas “reality” entertainment often relies on a carefully planned series of falsehoods, artistic realism uses the natural beauty and emotion of our surroundings to depict life.Unaltered human beauty is on display in the Portrait Societ... Read more

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The Irish Pub hosts a free performance tonight from Cameron McGill, a Chicago singer-songwriter whose shifty Americana-pop draws equally from Ryan Adams, John Lennon and Brian Wilson. McGill will be playing with his band, What Army, which Read more

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The state Supreme Court’s ruling on Justice Michael Gableman’s race-baiting 2008 campaign ad is nearly as shocking as the ad itself.In dual decisions released late at night, six Supreme Court justices offered two verdicts on whether its new... Read more

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In preparing its comeback album, Something for Everybody, Devo took the unusual step of inviting fans to pick the 12 songs from a pool of 16 that would make the album.“We did it on purpose as an experiment,” Gerald Casale explains in a rece... Read more

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1.So you want to write a blog? Corpora Luminum: The Body in New French Experimental Cinema ,About Read more

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It’s absolutely frigid outside, but some Milwaukeeans will be looking toward warmer A Ticket To Ride ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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