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Working once again on their own terms, Maritime have returned with their richest, prettiest record yet. more

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Reunion shows are tricky business, particularly when one is playing songs from very specific moments. For much of the late-1990s, Milwaukee's The Promise Ring was synonymous with “emo,” a term that was quickly becoming more and more... more

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Waxing nostalgic is inevitable with any reunion, and Dan Didier, drummer for lauded Milwaukee band The Promise Ring, has more than good reason to do so. “There was a small-knit community here,” he says, remembering a Milwaukee that regul... more

Local Music

Maritime are no strangers to Daytrotter. They recorded their first session for the then-new music blog back in 2006, recorded another in 2007, and headlined several of the site\'s Barnstormer tour dates in 2009. Today the site posted its third ses.. more

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Cathedral Square Park’s free Jazz in the Park concert series looks beyond it namesake genre tonight to spotlight blues artist Alex Wilson, an area guitarist who draws from the electric blues of Freddie King and Albert Collins. Wilson’s conc... more

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