David Crowley


Photo credit: Milwaukee Area Labor Council

Get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes; find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Wisconsin Republicans are playing politics with something that quite literally is poisoning children in the state’s largest city. Read more

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Voters will have the opportunity for ample face time with candidates running for office this week, while citizens can learn how to help protect fair elections. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Arts @ Large hosts a workshop on the hidden impacts of segregation and Milwaukee celebrates World Refugee Day at Ziedler Park. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

The Shepherd Express’ clearinghouse for all activities in the greater Milwaukee area that peacefully push back against discriminatory, reactionary or authoritarian actions and policies of the Trump administration and other activities that s... Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Although we hate to give Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke the attention he craves and do our best to tune out his immature behavior, newly elected state Rep. David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) isn’t going to put up with Clarke’s nonsense. Read more

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Of the three individuals running, David Crowley is by far the most experienced and talented candidate on the Aug. 9 Democratic primary ballot. Read more


Five candidates will be on the Feb. 16 primary ballot to represent District 7 on the Milwaukee Common Council. Read more

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