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Stephen Sachs’ play, ‘Bakersfield Mist,’ is an artful comedy pitching a well-educated art critic against a streets-smart woman who thinks she found an undiscovered Pollock. Read more



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Brilliance is inherent regardless of the packaging, as evidenced by this staged reading of Stephan Sachs’ ‘Bakersfield Mist.’ Read more



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Anton Chekhov’s naturalist play offers great insight into human nature. Read more



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Economy and ecology lock in an uneasy dance of politics delicately reflected on a small stage as Theatre Gigante presents Enemy of the People. Read more


Milwaukee Opera Theatre and Theater RED present A Chorus Line; William Shakespeare’s immortal Romeo and Juliet comes to SummerStage in Delafield; and SueMo Dance Company explores what it means to self-identify in a performance at Danceworks... Read more

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In a dream move, Optimist Theatre will present the eight season of its free outdoor Shakespeare in the Park at the Marcus Center’s Peck Pavilion, the state of the art outdoor stage in Downtown Milwaukee. Read more

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Richard Greenberg’s The Violet Hour graces the stage of Renaissance Theaterworks with a profound yet playful exploration of 20th-century history, the power structures of relationships and the nature of time itself. Read more


Renaissance Theaterworks concludes their season with the quirky comedy The Violet Hour, while Boozy Bard Productions, Marquette Theater, All In Productions, the SMPAC and the Marcus Center present one-man shows and plays of their own. Class... Read more

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Off the Wall Theatre stages Dale Gutzman’s final Holiday Punch variety show this month. Read more


History in Wisconsin has quite a few strange dichotomies. In the first half of the 1950s, a senator from Appleton led a Communist witch hunt. As Joseph McCarthy’s Red and Lavender Scares were being conducted,  Milwaukee city government was h.. Read more


Off The Wall Theatre explores an early 20th-century culture clash with its adaptation of E.M. Forster’s 1924 novel, A Passage To India. While frustratingly inconsistent, there is a satisfying gravity at the center of the production in OTW’s... Read more


Off the Wall Theatre stages an original adaptation of E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India, Sept. 22-Oct. 2.Milwaukee-born political humor columnist and radio talk show host Will Durst brings his irreverent, no-holds-barred, no-politician-unsc... Read more

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I don’t know whether Arthur Sullivan’s The Zoo sounds more like a bizarrely antiquated tale or the plot of some weird contemporary indie movie. The romantic comedy follows two couples. A wealthy man who has fallen in love with a concession.. Read more


: Milwaukee Opera Theatre presents Sherman Edwards and peter Stone’s musical, 1776, one night only, Monday, May 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Turner Hall Ballroom. Read more


Jane Flieller, co-founder and managing director of In Tandem Theatre, and Jill Anna Ponasik, producing artistic director of Milwaukee Opera Theatre (MOT), have admired each other’s work for years and have come together for the first time to... Read more


Mark Bucher reflects on the growth and persistence of his Boulevard Theatre as the company celebrates its 30th season. Read more

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Off the Wall Theatre’s Tartuffe brings impressive talents Randall Anderson and David Flores together in a brilliant, old satire. Read more


I’ll be reviewing Off the Wall’s Tartuffe for the print edition of the Shepherd-Express . Okay, granted, Molière’s classic satire on religious hypocrisy is as poignant as ever, but I wasn’t exactly excited at the prospect of seeing another.. Read more



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First Stage continues to break new ground with its world premiere of 'Luchadora!' focusing on lucha libre, the Mexican tradition of wrestling. Read more



On their self-titled debut, Milwaukee's moody folk quartet Hello Death explored two seemingly contradictory fascinations, mortality and beauty, searching for hope in disquieting tales of violence. The group's latest track finds them in a less morb.. Read more

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