David Luhrssen

David Luhrssen lectured at UW-Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He is author of The Vietnam War on Film, The Encyclopedia of Classic Rock, Secret Societies in American History, Mamoulian: Life on Stage and Screen and Hammer of the Gods: Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism. He contributed essays to the American National Biography Online, the Grove Dictionary of American Music and 100 People Who Changed 20th-Century America.

Director Steve Burrows discusses his documentary and the Milwaukee Film Festival screening. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

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Supernatural story set in Wisconsin to screen at Milwaukee Film Festival. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten tells his life story garnished with recipes in his memoir, ‘JGV: A Life in 12 Recipes.’ Read more


As part of the Milwaukee Film Festival’s Cinema Hooligante program, the Hitchcock classic, The Birds, will be screened at the Oriental Theatre on Oct. 22. Read more

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Performers Paul McComas and Amee Binder tour with a version of Sam Shepard’s play, the tragic comedy ‘Fool for Love.’ Read more

Off the Cuff

Natalie Portman is outstanding an astronaut caught in an obsessive relationship. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

In The Meritocracy Trap, Daniel Markovits indicts America’s class system—a structure whose current incarnation disguises itself as a meritocracy, not an aristocracy. Read more


Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, And Soon the Darkness, Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me, Robin Williams Comic Genius. Read more

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Joaquin Phoenix is marvelous to watch in the origin story of the Batman villain. Read more

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The Hawaiian roots of this populist instrument are honored in a day-long event. Read more

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Handsomely produced and illustrated, and written in tones of respectful curiosity and occasional restrained irony, Atlas Obscura is entertaining with nary a dull page. Read more


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Seventeen live arachnids are on display in an informative new exhibit. Read more

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British author studied in Leningrad during the '60s and returned to find a changed city. Read more



University of Minnesota Press

Film scholar Gilberto Perez offers insightful analysis of classic Hollywood as well as foreign filmmakers. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

That’s really Zellweger singing, capturing something of the desolation and yearning in Judy Garland’s voice. Read more

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