David Luhrssen

David Luhrssen lectured at UW-Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He is author of The Vietnam War on Film, The Encyclopedia of Classic Rock, Secret Societies in American History, Mamoulian: Life on Stage and Screen and Hammer of the Gods: Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism. He contributed essays to the American National Biography Online, the Grove Dictionary of American Music and 100 People Who Changed 20th-Century America.


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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: Yesterday Was a Lie, Candy, Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock ’n’ Roll (Collector’s Edition), Cold Case Hammarskjöld. Read more

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Director Todd Haynes adapts a true story of legal action against DuPont for poisoning a West Virginia town. Read more

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British historian Charles Emmerson’s Crucible is a monumental piece of scholarly reconstruction with finely wrought succinct character sketches of major figures. Read more


In the first book of a two-part biography, biographer Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt makes a strong case that the German-educated scholar Franz Boas was responsible for significant strides forward in understanding our world. Read more


The most revelatory tracks on this release from Dylan’s “Bootleg” series are found on discs two and three, much of it from an informal session with Johnny Cash. Read more

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Artist Anthony Pazos displays paintings depicting the ambience of unguarded fun on a warm, carefree day at Landmarks Gallery. Read more

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On 'Taking the World by Storm,' Warren Storm, the “godfather of swamp pop,” invests himself in songs that cross the boundaries of country and blues. Read more

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Divino Wine and Dine is a long-running Italian restaurant with homemade pasta entrées and an extensive menu of mezza and pizza. Read more

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The author follows her late father’s dangerous journey to Israel through Poland, Soviet labor camps and Iran. Read more


The collection is a fascinating look at how society was represented by writers working below the radar of the literary establishment. Read more



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In a warm depiction on the meaning of Mister Rogers, the children’s host is confronted by a cynical journalist. Read more

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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: An American Werewolf in London Limited Edition, Humble Pie: Life & Times of Steve Marriott + 1973 Complete Winterland Show, Un Flic, Tamango. Read more

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The Mod Violets’ self-titled CD brims with sharp-angled, guitar-driven melodies and reflective lyrics veiled in an aura of psychedelia. Read more

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Leonard Cohen's posthumous album, 'Thanks for the Dance,' is a fine coda to a life in words and music, as well as a deliberate farewell. Read more

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Mike Wallace Is Here - Still 1

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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: Scared of Revolution, Abbott and Costello: The Complete Universal Pictures Collection, Mike Wallace is Here, Landscape Film: Roberto Burle Marx Read more

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Discussion with BILTRITE’s Randi K. about locally owned furniture stores in Milwaukee. Read more

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Revisited '90s Japanese classic 'Ringu' creeps into the imagination like a silent stalker. Read more

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'Truths and Lies' is the esteemed foreign-correspondent Eric Rouleau’s sophisticated account of his remarkable career in journalism and diplomacy. Read more


With 'The Trial, Kenosha author Michael Schumacher examines the documents left by the official inquiries into the mysterious sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Read more


On Italy’s Guarino Savoldelli Quintet’s 'Core n’grato,' the vocal melodies are rooted in the half-Byzantine modes of Southern Italy and the enchantment is woven into the jazz band’s hard bop. Read more

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