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Rather than a series of disconnected cases a la “Law & Order,” the popular British TV crime drama “Broadchurch” is novelistic with ongoing plotlines of murder and animosity. The second season is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. more

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A young boy is found dead on the beach of a remote British town, a place where the land ends in sheer bluffs above the sea. Newly arrived Detective Inspector more

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 Doctor Who’s David Tennant seems at first glancean odd choice as Col. Jean-Francois Mercier, France’s military attaché inPoland before World War II. After all, Tennant is so obviously British—anddoesn’t even bother to affect an appropriate.. more

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The English summer of 1939, the eve of World War II, is said to have been unusually sunny and pleasant. As Glorious 39 begins, three posh young people romp through the fading summer light, laughing as they chase around the ruined castle on a co.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Treading closely to Nickelback’s mix of chest-beating post-grunge and skyscraping, vaguely Christian ballads, Floridia hard-rockers are riding high off the success of their 2008 album The Sound of Madness, which spawned the WWE-approved hit... more

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The world is a show and the show must go on. In movies the idea has been around at least s Paris 36 ,Film more

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