Theend of the year is a stressful time, what with Thanksgiving and the sundryDecember celebrations. The holidays leave one in a daze. With "Bloomin'Holidaze" the Museum of Wisconsin Art is providing all the accoutrementsne.. Read more

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One of rock 'n' roll's great charmers, Jonathan Richman will play Shank Hall on Thursday, Nov. 14, the venue announced this weekend. With his first band The Modern Lovers, Richman inspired a generation of '70s punk bands before moving on to a more.. Read more

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In a futuristic world, vampires and corporate greed rule the roost. The story, heavy on atmosphere uses ghastly mayhem as a means of inducing bouts of conscience in its more sympathetic characters. Except for their love of '40s fashion and ... Read more

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Express Milwaukee: You went from one type of horror movie to another. From Antichristto this one. What was your first reaction when you got this script? Willem Dafoe: When I firs,Film Read more

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