Dead Man’S Cell Phone


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Greta Grosch’s final installment of the Church Basement Ladies series, runs at Schauer Arts and Activities Center March 27-28. The Carroll Players present Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone, March 27-28. Uprooted Theatre’s one-night-only pr... more


  A woman sitting on her own is irritated by persistently ringing phone of the stranger seated at a nearby table. She investigates to find that the stranger in question is dead. It's a really clever springboard for a play that Sarah Ruhl comple.. more


Pink Banana Theatre is a company I most strongly associate with Spring and summer, but they’ve got quite a lot going on in the near future. Here’s a glance ahead: This Saturday and Sunday (the 10th and 11th) The group hosts another Pink Bana.. more


With mid-July more or less here, summer theatre starts to wind-down for the early part of the 2011-2012 theatre season. In just a few weeks, there’s the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, which continues to bridge the gap between Summer theatre and the .. more


Mid way through this month there are a couple of shows looking to cast for the upcoming season.First off, Pink Banana Theatre has announced its show this Novemberthey will be doing a production of Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone. On the whol.. more


Alongside his career as a dealer in used books andrecords, Corenthal built an eclectic ca Jewish Stories: The Goldberg Variations ,Books more

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The show started an hour late, and before the second band even took the stage, the cops had already arrived to check everyone's IDs and corral anyone who was drinking into the basement bar area. The crowd's energy was running high when the ... more

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When the fireworks fade from the skies in early July, the visual art in Door County will continue to sparkle. This holiday weekend sees a round of art events and gallery openings on the peninsula that will last through the end of summer. I... more

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After nearly 40 years in business, one of Milwaukee's longest running ethnic restaurants, Old Town (522 W. Lincoln Ave.), is changing. And it's positive change, tending to the roots while growing new shoots. Some of those shoots will be gre... more

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