My Dear Othello

Theatre Gigante Presents the Milwaukee premiere of Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus. Read more

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Actor Michael Stebbins talks about moving back to Milwaukee and the allure of David Sedaris’s holiday essays. Read more

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Theatre Gigante opens its season by reprising its 2004 theater-dance hybrid, My Dear Othello. Inspired by Noh drama and featuring painted panels by the late Schomer Lichtner, the ornately stylized production centers on the final moments of ... Read more


My Dear Othello is a Frankenstein monster of a theater piece. From Shakespeare’s Othello the work culls plot points and its cast of characters. Like José Limón’s ballet The Moor’s Pavane, the work focuses on Othello’s four Read more


TheatreGigante Artistic Directors IsabelleKralj & Mark Anderson return early next month to their 2004deconstruction/reconstruction of  aclassic by Shakespeare as they present My Dear Othello. The tenyears since the show was originally produce.. Read more


AsSeptember approaches, all the little gaps in the upcoming theater season beginto fill-in. Some time ago, Theatre Gigante announced a couple of showsfor the upxoming season that look interesting.Oct.23 - Nov. 8 Theatre Gigantepresents My Dea.. Read more


Singer-songwriter Kasey Anderson may hail from Portland, but his songwriting is pure Texas, drawing from the hard-scrabble storytelling tradition of greats like Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt. Over the course of five albums, the latest of Read more

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On what is literally a solo album, Tom Tesions shows how great songs can stand on their own, naked without the cover of elaborate arrangements or production or even a band. Singing and playing acoustic guitar (along with an occasional shake... Read more

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