We go Off the Cuff with Milwaukee Urban Debate League’s John Tao, a national circuit debater in high school and coach for undergraduate speech and debate programs in law school. Read more

Off the Cuff

So did you enjoy last night’spresidential debate as much as I did? I started being really apprehensiveabout how it would go. After all, it was the super-achieving Hillary Clintongoing up against class clown/bully Donald Trump, and expectation.. Read more

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“Can you declare anything off-limits?” Martha Raddatz, the moderator of last week’s vice presidential debate, asked Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. The question about which middle-class tax breaks Ryan would preserve seem... Read more

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Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan didn’t make any major gaffes in last week’s debate. But that doesn’t mean that he’s ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency... Read more

Issue of the Week

Even though a vice presidential debate is usually about as important and fully as thrilling as a thumb-wrestling championship, the face-off between Vice President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan took on... Read more

Taking Liberties

"It's not easy to debate a liar," complained an email from one observer of the first presidential debate... Read more

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<p> It\'s sort of impossible to find information about <a target=\"_blank\" href=\";EntryId=445&amp;PortalId=0&amp;TabId=149\">Thursday night\'s debate</a> .. Read more

Happening Now

Two of the city’s most veteran hip-hop DJs, DJ E Rich and Kid Cut Up, the later a founding member of the No Request crew and the co-host of WMSE’s Tuesday night hip-hop program “Mad Kids,” team up every Monday night at the Wicked H Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Once again, a YouTube parody has summed up conventional wisdom far better than any written words could (although, in fairness, Tom Shales' written words came pretty damn close in this case.) For those who missed the ABC debate last night, .. Read more

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Doo-wop was theurban sound of New York City as the 1950s began. It started withteenage b It All Started ,CD Reviews Read more

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