A new review of policies put in place during Gov. Scott Walker’s term in office shows Wisconsin breaking with longstanding state tradition by cutting taxes for the wealthy Read more

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In yet another stunning example of his arrogance and disregard for the common good, Gov. Scott Walker has asked for unprecedented authority to sell off taxpayer-funded, publicly owned property without public Read more

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Milwaukee’s colleges and universities are the source of a plethora of service-minded student organizations that are improving our community. Though there are many student initiatives and organizations that are Heroes of the Read more


During the halcyon 1990s, we labeled annual congressional temper tantrums for what they were: standard, if boring, budget impasses. Now, though, in a hilariously non-ironic flail for ratings, news outlets have taken Nigel Read more

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Raising taxes on the rich alone won't close the deficit or erase the national debt, as Republicans superciliously inform us over and over again. But in their negotiations with the White House to avert the so-called fiscal cliff Read more

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With Congress finally starting to have a serious conversation about our revenue crisis, there are obvious reasons to limit the amount of mortgage interest that Americans can deduct from their taxable income. Read more

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What Barack Obama tried to tell America in the hour of his remarkable victory is that the nation's future won on Election Day. Seeking to inspire and to heal, the re-elected president offered an open hand to partisan Read more

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Voters in southeastern Wisconsin have a historically important choice on Nov. 6. Longtime Republican Congressman Paul Ryan will appear on the ballot twice, as Mitt Romney’s running mate and as the candidate... Read more

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Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is taking a beating from fact-checkers, who have had to work overtime to try to verify the claims he made last week when accepting the nomination for vice president at the Republican National Convention... Read more

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When George W. Bush made his first public appearance in many months to discuss economic policy... Read more

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Only in the Republican Party would Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan be considered... Read more

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Adapted from a graphic novel by Scott Mitchell, this sci-fi movie examines mankind's ability to fight back when extraterrestrials invade an isolated western town during the 1800s. Cowboys & Aliens offers few surprises, but... Read more

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Paul Simon\'s 1980 film, One-Trick Pony, was not autobiographical, strictly speaking, but probably mirrored his career anxiety as the \'70s segued into the \'80s. It came five years after the hit-making album Still Crazy After All These Years an.. Read more

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The legend surrounding Israel's secret service, the Mossad, has grown to mythic proportions... Read more

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I'm Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain'a? So listen, can't pony up much of a chock-jammed essay for you's this week on account of having to meet the fellas up over by the Uptowner tavern/charm school, so's we can make ou... Read more

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Ron Elving, the former Milwaukee Journal reporter who is now senior Washington editor for National Public Radio, says Wisconsin is where 2012 is happening right now... Read more

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Perhaps no “rising star” has fallen so fast as Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, who's attempting to balance the budget on the backs of seniors and low-income folks while creating a windfall for Wall Street and the for-profit insurance i... Read more

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Congressman Paul Ryan has been conducting listening sessions around Wisconsin to tout the benefits of the House Republicans' new budget plan, which is largely modeled on ideas Ryan has been promoting for years in his “Roadmap for America's ... Read more

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You might not know it from the local press, but much of the national media doesn't consider Gov. Scott Walker the most controversial, extremist politician from Wisconsin. That distinction belongs to Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, chairma... Read more

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%uFFFD They were kicked out of North Carolina,are constitutionally banned in Arkansas Shepherd ,None Read more

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