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Easily the best show currently running in Milwaukee, In Tandem Theatre's Old Wicked Songs is a brilliantly delivered piece of comic drama. The show features excellent performances by Richard Carsey and Chase Stoeger as accompanied by piano. Cars.. Read more


Competing with Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney’s first star, was an irascible waterfowl called Donald. “The Chronological Donald, Vol. 4” is a superbly presented finale to a DVD series devoted to Donald Duck’s many short subjects. Packaged in a metal c.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

It’s hard to think of a more logical group to celebrate Christmas with than The Celebrated Workingman, the hard-gigging Milwaukee indie-rock band whose default setting is “merry” even without the holidays. True to form, for their “Cactmas” perform.. Read more

On Music

Howdid you spend your stimulus check? If you’re like most Americans, youbought gasoline. Since President Bush signed the tax rebate into lawFeb. 13, the average household has spent $1,500 filling the family car,according to research by Wisconsi... Read more

Happening Now

Lake Michigan is more than a recreational attraction. It ,The New Economy Read more

Happening Now

Definition of the Week ,The New Economy Read more

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